The vertical volume of the entry and circulation is the anchor between the two horizontal bands of the L-shaped plan.
 An open plan allows for an sense of ease, flow, and spaciousness.
 The new interior and exterior is a soft palette of whites, greys, cedar and bleached oak.
 A quality of calm and quietness is carried into the bathroom with the soft forms of the Agape fixtures and the subtle greys of the limestone.
 The original and beloved framed views of the former house are recaptured.
 The original stair and chimney folly. Whether one is inside or out, the new interior spiraling stair mirrors the original exterior stair.
 A view is carried through the interstitial spaces from one elevation to the next.
 The cedar-clad exterior - modern, simple and elegant - glows at dusk.
 This water-side house maintains its modest origins while updating its functionality. Once compartmentalized, the new house now is flooded with light and air.
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